Matching Pair 1.0

Matching Pair (download now) is an iOS game for all ages.  The objective is to find all matching pairs from a set of playing cards that has been randomly shuffled.  A matching pair consist of two cards that have the same color and rank.  For example, the King of Heart and the King of Diamond are a matching pair, since they are both red cards and they are both Kings.

Currently, you can choose to play a 24-cards game or 40-cards game.  After the cards are shuffled and dealt on the screen, simply flip open the cards to find the matching pairs.  Since only 2 cards can be open at any given time, the game test your ability to recall the color, rank and location of previously opened cards.  The game is complete when you have found all matching pairs.

Matching Pair is integrated with Game Center.  Your score for each completed game will be posted to the Leaderboard.  You will be able to view your best score and see how you rank against your friends.  For players seeking individual challenges, Matching Pair also offers many Achievements based on the number of games completed, and when multiple matching pairs are found in consecutive moves.

Matching Pair 1.0 is available now on Apple’s iTunes App Store.  Download it now to start playing.  It will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Play Matching Pair now!