A Busy Summer

Wow, this Summer break flew by.  While the adults were busy packing and moving from our old home to our new home (pic), Sean attended summer school and participated in a number of activities including swimming, tennis, and field trips to local attractions.  In his spare time, he also enjoyed playing his iPad.

He will be starting 4th grade this week at a new elementary school.  It will be just 1 block walk from our house.  Although he is a bit nervous about his new teachers and school mates, he is looking forward to returning to school.

I hope everyone had a good summer.  Sean wanted to share the following with you:

This is what I did over the summer.

I went to swimming this summer.  I learned tennis.  I  went to summer school.  During summer school I went to watch Cars 2.  I went to Six Flags and a carnival.  I watched a fireworks show on Independence Day.  I went to see Uncle’s marathon finish.  I went to the Tech Museum and the Children’s Discovery Museum.  I moved to the new house and got my own room!  And finally I got a preview of my new school.

Overall it was a very interesting and busy summer.